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Smoky Quartz

Blue Lace AgateLarge, irregular smoky quartz chunky stones provide a continually changing landscape for the eye. Faceted surfaces reflect varying shades of brown ranging from dark chocolate to light coffee. Crystal rhondelles anchor the natural beauty of smoky quartz necklace.

Smoky quartz is formed hydrothermally in druses and clefts. It obtains its brown color from aluminium and lithium and the influence of natural radiation. Brown or smoky quartz from Scotland is called cairngorm.

Source: Brazil, Madagascar, Swiss Alps, USA, Australia and Spain

Mythology: Smoky quartz is considered to be a guardian stone against bad luck in some countries. It was often worn by soldiers in the past as a protection in battle. In Rome, incised intaglio was carved in smoky quartz as well as ancient seals.

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