Kid's Corner

Kids corner at the rock shop.OCO GeodesRocks and kids go together, so we designed a special "Kid's Corner" in our store. We have fossils, tumbled rocks, geodes and lots more. Kids can use a magnifying glass to study the rock patterns and look at the crystal formations in mini geodes.

Rock collecting can be an interesting and education hobby, so we offer many varieties of tumbled stones to examine. It's fun to compare the rock's appearance, shape and weight. It's a great way to start a family tradition.

Prices range from 50 cents to $5.00 for most of the "Kid's Corner" rock items. Come and explore!           Pink Botswana AgateOrthocerousTumbled stone collectionSharks Teeth

Magnetic Kids ExperimentMagnetic Mineral Experiment for Kids

Some minerals react when placed near a magnetic field. These minerals are referred to as "magnetic" minerals. These minerals have one thing in common IRON. A simple test will help you to identify a magnetic mineral. CompassPass it over a compass, and the compass needle will move. Another way to identify a magnetic mineral is to hold a magnet next to a mineral. What happens? No reaction? Weak reaction? Strong reaction? Magnetite and hematite will be strongly magnetic. Try this on other minerals to see what happens.