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Rocks, minerals and jewelry.GLG Natural Gemstone Jewelry Collection - exclusive handmade natural stone jewelry - necklaces, earrings, pendants, bracelets. Free Shipping! Unique Gifts!

GLG Natural Gemstone Jewelry & Rock Shop was born from the mystery surrounding rocks and minerals. We offer 55 varieties of natural stones that brings people in touch with the beauty, color and patterns found in the natural stone world. Shop our full line of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pendants, fossil jewelry, walrus ivory pendants and men's jewelry online and at our Taylors Falls store.

Aqua Marine   Moonstone   Larimar   Carnelian   Peridot   Jade   Botswana Agate   Amethyst   Laguna Agate   Onyx   Mookaite   Laboradite   Blue Apatite   Red Creek Jasper   Sardonyx   Brazilian Agate   Tourmaline   Citrine   Opal

We also offer a wide variety of collectible rocks, gems, minerals and fossils plus amazing one-of-a-kind decorator pieces.

Mineral Specimens   Quartz Clusters   Laguna Agate   Petrified Wood   Agate Slabs   Stone Wind Chimes   Trilobites   Ammonites   Orthoceras   Brazilian Agate   Bookends   Rough Rock   Botswana Agate   Rock Spheres   Palm Stones   Geodes   Tumbled Stone   Lake Superior Agates   Meteorites   Crystal Points   Metaphysical Items

 Taylors Falls Rock Shop
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